II. Product Improvement

• Continuously enhancing product structure

• Listening to the views of customers and improving products to achieve customer needs

Our Services

I.  Product Development

• Fast product development and sampling time

• Skilled R&D team for design with consideration of function, form, and cost

• Honor customer design protection and market exclusivity


III.  Brand Building

• Designing brand pattern carton box to strengthen brand image

• Carton label design


IV.  Quality Control

• On-site vendor QC system

• Quality inspection at 3 phases: 

1. Incoming material before assembly

2. During production

3. Outgoing finished good

V. Container Consolidation


•  Combine product goods from other vendors / factories 

•  Perform final outgoing QC before loading

•  Lower transport freight cost.

VI.  After Sales 

• Extensive years of after-sales experience with large distributors, chains, and importers

• Organized spare parts system for easy parts servicing

• Cost-saving earned after shipment of goods