2013 Shanghai KBC 中國國際廚房、衛浴設施展覽會
【2013 Shanghai KBC 中國國際廚房、衛浴設施展覽會】

INFINITE was on view for the first time at Kitchen and Bath China (KBC), 2013.

Proudly featuring INFINITE's infamous series: Super-Thin-Edge, we explore the ways in which Solid Surfaces depicts excellent tenacity.


Washbasins Display

A whole variety of products were exhibited alongside the wall entrance, further demonstrating the "infinite" shapes, colors, formations and infinite possibilities our material can satify. 

(Showcasing functional bespokes/tailor-made basins by INFINITE)
We look forward to see you in future exhibitions.
Written by Jojo Yuen

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2016 Hong Kong In-Home Expo 香港家居博覽

【2016 Hong Kong In-Home Expo 香港家居博覽】

INFINITE's LED immersive lighting display at In-Home Expo Hong Kong 2013, showcasing a series of Solid Surfaces tailor-made basins, exclusive bathtubs and bathroom furnitures. 

2015 Frankfurt ISH

【2015 Frankfurt ISH】
ISH Frankfurt merges well-known brands worldwide and displays top-quality products within the industry. This year, INFINITE was invited to be a part of the expo again, depicting our minimalist Solid Surfaces items.