1. What is the composition of INFINITE Solid Surfaces?

Our main composition includes: 38% Polyester + 60% Aluminium Trihydrates + Pigment + Catalyst(Cobalt Water) + Hardener(MEK) + MMA

2. Are Solid Surfaces prone to scratch marks? How shall I treat scratches, cracks or small breakages?

INFINITE Solid Surfaces are not prone to scratch marks under normal usage. During daily cleaning maintenances, we recommend to prevent using hard cleaning utensils, such as a scourer; in case of scratch marks, #400 and #600 sand paper can be used for hand polishing. If a small crack or breakage has been caused, we provide Solid Surfaces repairing kits for simple repair, for more details please study "Cleaning & Maintenace" or consult our INFINITE technician team.

3. Is INFINITE Solid Surfaces CORIAN?

CORIAN is just a trademark belongs to DuPont and they supply mainly full size of Solid Surfaces sheets. Unlike CORIAN, INFINITE makes our own casting molds with glass fibres to achieve short lead-times and lower costs, thus supplying a mass variety of molded & fabricated Solid Surfaces bathroom products. Our skilled fabricators also specialise in manufacturing tailor-made products to suit all customer needs.

4. What are some distinct characteristics of INFINITE Solid Surfaces?

In comparison to other bathroom materials such as ceramic, wood, glass, or stainless steel, INFINITE Solid Surfaces has excellent tenacity and offers a brilliant finish with variety of colors and texture. INFINITE Solid Surfaces is also non-porous and superior in stain, bacterial and chemical resistance, especially, it's 100% water-proof material that can be perfectly used in wet bathroom to avoid rusting and getting mouldy. For more comparison between Solid Surfaces and other materials, please enter our page "About INFINITE Solid Surfaces".

5. Does colour/dirts stain easily into INFINITE Solid Surfaces?


INFINITE Solid Surfaces are manufactured with fine Aluminium Trihydrates, so easy dirts can be cleaned by normal cleaning agents and difficults dirts can be easily sanded off with #600 sand paper, therefore offers a perfect matt-finish. Colour does not penetrate into Solid Surfaces under normal usage, but in case for hard stains that has penetrated over a long period, please carry out maintenance procedures as listed in "Cleaning & Maintenance".

6. What are the steps to daily maintenance?

For daily maintenance, simply use tap water and our magic sponge for scrubbing; in case of dirt, residue and hard water marks, “Jif Cream Cleanser” is effective for easy cleaning. Occasionally wipe surface with “Pledge Multi Surface Cleaner” is also strongly recommended for better polish. INFINITE Solid Surfaces has also passed staining tests with hard-staining liquids such as lipsticks, hair dyes, nail polish, tea bags, coffee and more. To know more about our testing procedure, please check videos attached in the link below "Cleaning & Maintenance".

We also recommend to resurface your INFINITE Solid Surfaces with #600 sand paper every two years upon purchasing, working in the direction of the grain, for complete renovation. For more details please consult our INFINITE technician team.

7. Are INFINITE Solid Surfaces heat resistant and flame retardant?

Under our casting manufacturing process, INFINITE Solid Surface are reacted upto 80 Degree Celsius and in the final procedure, there is a curing process to reheat all products over 80 Degrees Celsius in the big oven, so to keep the materials more stable after chemical reactions. Thus, INFINITE Solid Surfaces can remain undamaged with normal bathing water temperatures (around 45 Degree Celsius). INFINITE Solid Surfaces has also passed steam tests and cigarette butt tests to demonstrate good flame resistance.

8. Are Solid Surfaces compatible for kitchen-use?

Although INFINITE Solid Surfaces come with many distinct advantages, we do not recommend for use in a kitchen setting. Solid Surfaces can discolour, scorch or even display thermal cracks upon contact of hot utensils.

9. Does INFINITE Solid Surfaces get Yellowish?

Due to the high grading polyester and MMA used in INFINITE Solid Surfaces, together with the final curing process, our products are not prone to yellowing or discolorations. INFINITE starts our own productions since 2010 and every year we delivers over 300,000units, so our experience can prove.

10. Are INFINITE Solid Surfaces prone to having water marks and dirt?

Solid Surfaces can be rinsed with warm water and wiped completely dry with a cloth upon usage to prevent dirt. Yellow residue can build up due to limescale within tap water, which can remain on Solid Surface but can generally be cleaned with our magic sponge and clean water. For better surface protection, occasionally wipe surface with “Pledge Multi Surface Cleaner”.

11. Are INFINITE Solid Surfaces fragile?

Similar to other materials such as ceramic, INFINITE Solid Surfaces is fragile and can break if it is forcibly dropped.